Last batch of chibis.

More rushed, felt needed to include all my wolf babies.

(Top to Bottom) Roe, Buchanan, Endolyne.

The last two are my DotW characters.

Last night’s chibi was rather fun, so I decided to draw Riv’s boyfriend Erskine (as I hardly draw him at all…)

Not feeling so great health wise, but at least all my deadlines are met~

Didn’t want to go to bed w/o having drawn anything today- so here’s a chibi Riv!

But guys…

Aim Renders


If you like my work, you will also enjoy Coyote Luck.

And just lucky for you, they just opened a Store Envy!

For locustmind

For a-simple-twist

{If you need a high-res no BG png, let me know.}

# DotW
# wolf

Shamelessly making new wolves for DotW, don’t mind me.


There is an image floating around tumblr of a very bendy Borzoi.

Used it as my warm-up sketch.