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'In the Woods' prompt for studentillustratorsyndicate

Everyone should drawn them selves ever so often.

I just wanted a new Twitter icon, and to play with colors.

A gift for coyote-luck & household for watching my felines.

Because I am not sure what else to do. Haven’t drawn a thing in a week or so. tsk.

{Look! a Goat!unicorn}

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# 1990

Circa 1990

The lovely babyserenityinthetardis tagged me. While I normally don’t indulge in little memes; why not give it a go?

Five facts, then ten tags.

  1. Last night we drove down to Milwaukee to see a live showing of Welcome to Night Vale.
  2. The crowd was mostly those under 18; which made me realize how young fandoms actually are.
  3. And it made me nostalgic.
  4. We also visited my childhood home in Menominee.
  5. The Serving Spoon on First street does the best coffee in the area; but Blue Bike does the best burritos. 

T a g s

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A wolf (would be Roe) I don’t feel like finishing.

Her name is Roe.

For my baby Carus (#36952) on Lioden.

A commission for (#17507) on Lioden.

Working on a Commission.

This summer heat is trying to slay me.