I will be showing “Coffee Case” at the sixth annual North of the 45th exhibition at the DeVos Art Museum!

The summer exhibition will being displaying 25 artists, including myself!

Coffee Case, about 9x12 portrait of Benedict Cumberbatch in his BBC role of Sherlock Holmes, rendered in coffee.

If you are local, make it a point of your summer to come see the mazing display of work!

# figure

I went to open draw tonight.

Let’s call it a night.

/This world is gonna burn, burn burn burn
As long as we’re going down…
Baby you should stick around/



Clearly art history.

I don’t plan to push this any further, given it mere fandom-shipping-puppy-feels-stuff.


(drawn to “Who Are You, Really?” by Mikky Ekko )

I take good notes.

The pup on the left is based off of dogfying design. Made Bucky a Belgian Shepard…

Is there a name for this ship?

(had to get this out of my system- messy & quick)

# cloth
# blue

In class 4.7